Can You Win Playing Online Roulette?

  • Thursday, Jun 11, 2020

There are fortunes to be won from all sorts of roulette that are found online. Here in this guide we discuss the gaming options that you have and inform you of how the game is played if you are new to the gambling feature. First, we take a look at getting the right casino that will offer you the best online options.

Where Can You Play Online Roulette?

Sometimes, the urge to play overcompensates thoughts of finding a safe place where to play the games. Before taking part in any form of online gambling, players need to be aware that safety comes before the games and, therefore, finding the right casinos online should be the priority. Over here, players can select a number of approved sites that offer the best online safety. The casinos are certified as safe and fair by independent regulators and they also come licensed in order to comply with the South African gambling laws. These are the best-rated casinos online in South Africa and each one will give you many different options when it comes to playing roulette games that will help you win real money payouts in rand currency.

How to Play Roulette Online

Before you decide to click here and take the games on first-hand, you may want to know how online roulette is played. Well, the game is so very simple. The roulette table is marked with numbers 0 to 36; your role is to predict which number will land within the adjacent roulette wheel which is comprised of the same numbers.

The bets are placed on the table, you can place as many bets as you like by placing chips on a single number, multiple numbers, you can cover two numbers by placing a chip between the two or in the middle quadrant of four numbers. There are also rows to bet on, sectioned betting, reds or blacks, odds or even and depending on the variant of the game you play, lots more!

Because of the ease and the many favourable ways that you can bet, it has helped make roulette the number one table game within the realm of casino gaming. It also provides the largest gaming odd of any casino feature, with the single number odds of 351.

Gaming Options within the Roulette Category

There are two main formats by which roulette is presented. Players joining the best casinos online have the option of playing virtual table games that act almost like slot machines and then you have live dealer roulette games.

No matter the style you wish to play, the rules and functions are entirely the same. There are bonuses that can be claimed from the online casino to help you play the games for longer, as they provide additional free spins for the virtual table games and extra credit for those in the live casino section.

So, can you win playing online roulette? Yes, you can win and through many different betting options, no matter which format of gaming you’d prefer to play.