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KOBER has been selected to stock a number of specialty sheep animal health products, along with Baymec Gold and IMAX Pour On for cattle and other Bayer products.

Avenge®, Tri-solfen® and Piranha® are only available to be purchased from accredited Bayer agencies, such as KOBER.


farm suppliesAVENGE® is an off shears pour on for lice

Avenge® is proven, resistance breaking chemistry that offers 100% knockdown and control of susceptible lice on sheep. Avenge contains Imidacloprid, a neonicotonoid insecticide that kills lice quickly by affecting their nervous system, resulting in louse paralysis and death.

Avenge® controls susceptible body lice (Bovicola ovis) when applied to shorn sheep up to 7 days off shears and unshorn lambs up to 2 months of age. Avenge has a four week residual activity (when applied within 24 hours off-shears), offering the best protection against re-infestation for complete peace of mind. It will continue to kill any lice that hatch from eggs following treatment and protect sheep from reinfestation from stray sheep or other lousy sheep for up to four weeks. If you find a few strays, shear the strays as soon as possible and treat them with Avenge®.

Avenge® is formulated with Bayer’s f.a.s.t. (fleece absorption solvent technology) for rapid penetration and spread through the fleece. This enables Avenge to kill sheep lice fast and deliver prolonged protection against re-infestation, setting a new standard in lice control.


farm supplies koberTRI-SOLFEN® is an important local anesthetic and antiseptic gel spray for use on lambs to provide pain relief following mulesing

Tri-Solfen® is a local anesthetic and antiseptic gel spray for use on lambs to provide pain relief following mulesing. It has also been developed to reduce blood loss and infection in order to improve wound healing.

The product contains two proven topical local anaesthetics; fast-acting Lignocaine for immediate pain relief and long-acting Bupivacaine for prolonged post-operative pain relief. Adrenaline is included for its ability to reduce the shock and stress of blood loss, whilst prolonging the anesthetic action. Tri-Solfen® also contains Cetrimide, an antiseptic widely used to cleanse skin and wounds and provides protection from bacterial contamination. The product’s gel base adheres well to the wound and acts as a barrier to environmental stimuli to improve wound healing.

PIRANHA® sheep dip!

farmsupplies2PIRANHA® is a sheep dip for lice control 10 days to 6 weeks post shearing

PIRANHA® Dip for Sheep is a new lousicide that offers 100% knockdown and control of susceptible lice (Bovicola ovis) on sheep. PIRANHA® Dip contains the neonicotinoid insecticide Thiacloprid. Thiacloprid is a member of the same insecticidal group as Imidacloprid, the active ingredient in Avenge® Pour-on Lousicide for Sheep. Once lice are exposed to this class of insecticides, rapid nervous system stimulation occurs followed by paralysis and death. It is quick acting, killing lice ‘on contact.’

PIRANHA® has many features that will benefit sheep producers and dipping contractors alike. PIRANHA® is designed for plunge and cage dips as a short wool lousicide. It is easy to prepare and manage, is non-stripping and an ideal alternative to organophosphate dips.

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